Sunday, November 1, 2009

Haunted Forest Altadena/Pasadena

Here's some random clips we put together of our daytime hike up the old Cobb Estate/Haunted Forest in the Altadena hills near Pasadena, CA. We went in the day to capture video. We had no intentions of catching paranormal activity. It was just a nice hike a ways up the canyon to see the awesome view of LA county. There was an accident when it began getting dark at the bottom of the hike. It seems it's becoming pretty common. We've seen paramedics up there twice in two weeks.

We'll be going back up the trail into the haunted forest for the 3rd time very soon. Our goal is to document our experiences there during the night. Going on the old path towards Cobb Estate during the daytime gave us a good idea of what things look like during the day. We'll also be using flash photography to see if anything appears.

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  1. Hi I was hiking at Cobb estate last Sunday 5pm ( not knowing it's other name is the haunted forest). I won't forget my experience while going down the mountain at 7-730pm. I was eager to get back to the car knowing we are close to the base of the mountain.We had no flashlight! Getting darker as we reached the base of the mountain, I felt an eerie feeling, goosebumps and cool air. I knew that there was something there or spirits around. It was like someone turned on the air conditioning. I suddenly could not lead the way anymore. It was too dark. I could hear branches moving . Walking thru the tunnel of bushes was so eerie! We got to the bridge and saw the water fountain. I knew we were at the end. I told them that this place seems haunted. They don't believe it to be. So once I got home, I googled cobb estate . First thing that popped out was THE HAUNTED FOREST. ....I knew I was right!